The Decision Intelligence Hub For Aviation

Aviation is the single business field with the largest amount of parameters, burdened with mission critical importance.

As if these were not enough, aviation industry has faced one of the biggest crisis of the modern times with the global pandemic, right after an era of fleet expansion and a much enjoyed surge in demand both in terms of passengers and cargo.

In these times of uncertainty, It is no longer a luxury to have all of the systems in place to align your business targets with the momentarily changing realities of reservations, revenue management, network schedules and crew/maintenance planning.

Based on ICRON’s leading, globally proven 4D Platform, Easie is the decision intelligence hub for aviation based on these key differentiators:

Our differentiated approach and proposition

Cutting Edge Technology

Our combined technology brings advanced optimization and analytics scientific base to products which creates timely real business value

Focus on Business Strategy

Our industry expertise and technology combined makes us a partner executing business strategy

Ongoing Partnership Model

Our partnership model enables:

  • On-site engagement / continuous development
  • Consultative approach which maximizes the impact of transformation

We’ll be happy to meet you to further illustrate why and how we are ahead of the competition, and what we can do to improve your profitability to take off.