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Business Challenges

  • Large volume of low yielding capacity not protected for higher yielding shipments
  • High uncertainty to forecast capacity considering aircraft load variance
  • Low level of readiness with offline distribution process and ad-hoc spot prices
  • Narrow booking windows causing loss of sales opportunities
  • Demand forecast complexity due to economic changes, seasonality and competition

5 easie Steps to Boost Cargo Revenue

Step 1

Market Planning

  • Market Build
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Product/Price Differentiation
  • Allotment and Long-Term Contract Planning

Step 2

Demand Forecasting

  • Forecasting per Customer and Product Segment
  • Price Elasticity and Impact on Demand, Seasonality and Special Events
  • Deep AI Algorithms Working on Large Data Lake Continuously Adapting Itself
  • Demand Trajectory with Competitor Capacity
  • Projection on Economic Outlook, Uncontrollable Events and Disruptions

Step 3

Capacity Planning

  • Market Route-Flight Route Reconstruction
  • Alliance/Partner Capacities
  • Overbooking Management
  • Schedule Synchronization
  • Market Share/Load Factor Targeting Considering Price Sensitivity

Step 4

Capacity Forecasting

  • Capacity management with Multiple-Dimensions (Weight, Volume, Container Position)
  • Route and Segment Level Forecasting
  • Dynamic Availability Behavior (Based on capacity, bookings, noshows, offload, payload)

Step 5

Capacity Control And Allocation Optimization

  • Network Revenue Optimization by Bid Price
  • Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Optimization
  • Overbooking Optimization
  • Automated Allotments and Real-Time Spot Price Quotation
  • Real-Time Price and Availability API to All Channels

Business Benefits

Higher yield and load factor:

There’s no point in filling capacity with shipments at rock- bottom prices, or having empty flights with sky-high prices. easie optimize pricing strategy to maximize revenues, and make you able to execute all kind of revenue management strategies such as overbooking, origin and destination control, or discount allocation based on time to flight to attain a perfect yield and load factor balance. Even a 1% swing in terms of the yield or load factor can have a huge impact in terms of an airline’s bottom line.

Better predictions of customers needs:

easie provides airlines with a better understanding of what their customers expect to be shipped and it gives arlines insight into the specific products of their customers and enables airline to shape their capacity per route and product type

Improved capacity control:

By enabling automated overbooking management, easie gives you the ability to utilize aircraft capacity higher, With easie, you can optimize overbooking level for each route and product type not to miss high yield shipments at the last days of the operation

Capture digital customers:

easie can deliver price and availability quotations in real time to all channels, meaning any customers through online channel can receive customized offers. Digital customers are the ones who demand agility more, and this group of customers is expanding at a great speed. easie enables you to capture this fast growing and demanding market.

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