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Business Challenges

  • The frequency, timing, and packaging of maintenance activities for assets on the operating aircraft
  • Managing tools, facilities and workforce capacity and schedules based on fluctuating demand
  • Promising availability and due date in challenging turnaround time requirements
  • Skilled labour shortage in the maintenance technician field
  • Maintaining aircraft maintenance while the aircraft remains in the operating environment


Line Maintenance Planning

  • Capacity planning for work force and equipment
  • Shift planning and rostering
  • Task assignment for planned and ad-hoc maintenance needs
  • Real-time optimizer to respond changing conditions
  • Monitoring job statuses and utilizations

Engine Maintenance Planning

  • Capacity planning for workforce, shop floor, equipment and inventory
  • Machine learning of past engine routes, skill and inventory requirement
  • Optimized engine stripping and building schedule
  • Component repair shop plan considering workload, priorities and spare parts

Maintenance Task Card Interval Optimization

  • Optimize letter checks and maintenance activities
  • Optimized packaging of maintenance cards
  • Maintenance slot scheduling based on flight cycles, durations and availabilities

Business Benefits

Enhanced resource utilization and productivity:

Get the most out of your resources – fostering optimal utilization of your workforce and assets (your facilities, equipment, and spare parts), improve overall productivity and employee satisfaction, also dramatically reduce setup and turnaround times. This enables your customers to optimize the utilization of their resources (their aircraft, engines, and components) – so that they can minimize aircraft ground time and maximize aircraft performance and profitability.

Elevated service-level performance and reliability:

Gain visibility and agility to respond to unexpected fluctuations in demand or capacity in the best way. easie enables real-time, data-driven, optimized plans and decisions – taking into account changing demand conditions, resource constraints and compliance requirements – as a result adhere to service-level agreements and deliver top quality services and reliability.

Decreased costs and increased profitability:

Boost your profitability to the highest levels by maximizing capacity and asset utilization, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth while cutting operational, overtime, and spare parts inventory costs. Optimized strategic, tactical, and operational plans and decisions help you to delight your customers and shareholders alike and see your profit margins soar.

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